Wolf’s new alarm the ICON Q range and the HUBB receiver have military grade electronics, advanced features and plenty of new details and they are made in the United Kingdom. The design process has been an immersive one, taking years to develop each function of the ICON alarm and HUBB. The ICON Series bring new developments to the Alarm with Ultra Sensitive Vibration Detection with 8 Sensitivity levels, High Visibility Dual Bite LED’s with 7 changeable colours with forward and backward indication flashing on dropback, Adjustable Roller Wheel Detection settings, Auto Night Light with 7 changeable colours, IQ port that links to other ICON Accessories, Adjustable Volume, Tone difference Run & Dropback, Vibration settings, Extreme Range, Battery Level Indication, Fully Sealed Weatherproof Electronics, Stealth Mode and Mute and many more exciting features.

The ICON Series has been designed and developed and will be made in Britain.

Fully variable detection with 8 sensitivity levels. Dedicated Wolf Vibration Tone.

Adjustable roller wheel detection settings

Vibration to roller wheel.

8 Sensitivity Levels, expandable to 16 via HUBB Link. 2mm, 6mm, 11mm, 17mm, 25mm, 34mm, 61mm, 101mm
*Additional Hubb Settings 4mm, 8mm, 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 80mm & 100mm.

Dropback differentiation and See Saw elimination.

7 Changeable Colours (Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, White or Red) LED’S Indicates Forward and Backward – Flashes on Dropback. LED’S times adjustable and Stealth mode (LED’S Off).

High quality speaker that produces sound over a broader frequency range and with a greater output in the low range.

7 Changeable Colours and Auto Level Adjustment & Level Adjustment via Hubb.

4 Changeable Colours and Level adjustment
+ OFF. Level Adjustment via Hubb.

Smart LED Drive colour change on bite detection *when used with WOLF Indicators only. 4 x Modes and will drive 3rd party indicators.

Links other ICON accessories.

Receives and Transmits commands to Hubb.

This button is for pairing the alarm simply to the Icon Hubb device.

Range – 2km – Line of sight

Fully weatherproofed for total confidence the alarm will work in all weather conditions.

LED colur changes for battery level indication, Green Good, Amber OK & Red for low level.

Event sent to Hubb.

60/30 seconds changeable.

On/Off is via the sensitivity button, when switched on the battery level indication is shown.

Auto On/Off indicates with one bleep On & Off.

Rod friendly anti-slip rubber grips and slots available for betalights.

Power Down Alert to Hubb – Anti-theft.

Adjustable from Alarm & Hubb. Tone difference Run & Dropback.

30 Seconds – Adjustable via Main Hubb.

Low power mode is available when not paired to Hubb only. After Hubb pairing LP mode can be re-enabled by a hard reset of the Bite Alarm.


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