Wolf’s new alarm the ICON Q range and the HUBB receiver have military grade electronics, state of the art technology, advanced features and are developed and produced in the United Kingdom. The design process has been an immersive one, taking years to develop each function of the ICON alarm and HUBB. These are just some of the many features of the ICON Hubb: Channel Selector Button with 12 Channels, Torch Button, Piezo Speaker, On/Off Button, Flip Out Stand, Pairing/Saving Channels, Volume Adjustment, Global Mute Button, Rumble Alert On/Off, Extreme Range, Extra-long Battery Life and Battery Level Indication, Adjust the brightness of all LED’s and the Screen Backlight, Fully Sealed Weatherproof Electronics, Tone Setting & Roller Setting, Night Light, Bivvy Light Link, Changeable Colour of Screen Backlight, Time & Date, Changeable Displayed Language and Device Pairing & Unpairing. The Wolf ICON Q Alarm Series and Hubbs are set to bring ground-breaking design and technology to the specialist angler.

12 x Channels w/ buttons
Piezo Mylar Speaker
On/Off Button
Flip Out Stand
Ping-Pong Electronic system to detect when the devices are still linked, used to ensure you are within the suitable distance from the devices
Pairing/Saving Channels
Volume Adjustment
Tone Replication
Global Mute Button
Rumble Alert On/Off
IQ Port Alert
(Security Feature – Anti Theft)
Event Log
Extra Range – Device’s range is up to 2000km.
Extra-long Battery Life and Battery Level Indication
11 Language Options
Screen Time On Period
Backlight Colour and Contrast
Hubb Link – IQ Port Accessory Control
Fully Sealed Waterproof Electronics
EVA Case
Silicone Bump Case with Stand
Bite Alarm Controls
Bite LED Colours, Level & Time
Tone Setting & Roller Setting
Night Port Mode
Night Light LED Colour and Level
Radio Signal Strength
Bivvy Light Link
Anti Theft
Last Bite
PIR Controls


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