The Ball Maker was born from the need to create quickly and easily a large number of balls of groundbait of 45mm or 60mm diameter and egg shaped for the method system and make them even more compact and solid enough to launch a considerable distance. The gripper is formed of 4 shells to make the compression as round as possible. The groundbait balls will be all of the same diameter and the same weight for accurate launching and can be used in conjunction with the Fly Ball. The Ball Maker is made of materials designed to last a lifetime and the kit comprises of the Ball Maker, 4 x 45mm shells, 4 x 60mm shells, 4 Egg shaped shells and Method Feeder system Kit. The egg shaped shells are used with the Method Feeder System Kit. The plastic feeder is in two halves, one half is filled with 15gm lead discs and felt discs (used to soak up attractor liquid) and is clipped together with the swivel clipped in to the top position. The feeder which has small holes for leaking out the liquid attractor slowly can be injected with the liquid before screwing on to the Ball Maker. The Ball Maker is then inserted in to the prepared method mix and is compressed to make the aerodynamic egg shaped method balls wrapped around the feeder lead. The Method Feeder is then attached to a lead clip and because of the aerodynamic shape and the weight of approx. 50/60 grams it can be cast long distances.
Excellent for use in conjunction with the Wolf Advance Method Feeder System. Makes aerodynamic compact groundbait balls of 45mm or 60mm diameter. Easy to use


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