Big fish-Alert! A few weeks ago Austrian team member Armin Eibl managed to catch this massive common! After a really hard fight from the boat with his X Series rods in 10ft, he was able to guide this giant into his net!

Wolf consultant Mike Jones can definitely catch them, here he is with a cracking 40lb Common which he caught on a recent session on his syndicate lake, mike used the X1K’s in 3.5lb test to tame this beast.



It is his work tool for every situation … the Wolf X3K! Whether open water, from a boat, in front of wood or like this big Mirror from the jungle made of herbs and water plants. With full conviction and 100% trust.

Well done, Manuel



Beauty time for Austrian and Ladies team member Sandra Bauer! What an amazing fish!



Wolf consultant Mike Jones definitely knows how to catch them, on a recent session he banked these two stunning Commons, Mike fished on a silt patch in a hole in the weed, but the weed was no match for the wolf X1K in 3.5lb.

Beautiful Italian Mirror for Austria Team member Florian Probst. His X3K in 12ft 3,0lb were the perfect choice to fish both, short and longer distances while still having fun playing a fish!

Casting in the Hole Charity Day…..

We used the Spod and Rod for our ‘Casting in the Hole’ event, 10 participants casting to a ring in the lake, fiercely competitive and I’m sure Wolf will have some new converts to the rods.

The picture is of the winner of the Spod Rod Keith Jaggs who was the successful winner of the auction.

We have raised over £1000 which will be donated to local hospital stroke unit.

Once again thank you, and to all the team at Wolf International for your generosity and support!




Congratulations Wolf Consultant Hugo! Cassien Mirror 26.3kg.



A massive Common for Austrian Team member Armin Eibl! Our X-Series rods in 10ft are the perfect rods for fishing from a boat! 

Another stunning summer Common for Sandra Bauer! She uses our X1K Rods, on which she can count every time!


Well after a short break from fishing German team member Petri Olli was back with a bang. Despite the difficult situations that a crowded lake brings, he was able to put several fish on the bank thanks to being able to find the fish and keep them feeding.


German Team member Justus has put some hard-earned fish on the mat again in the last few days. He dived his rigs on a large gravel pit at distanced of 120m and placed them perfectly on a prepared feeding place. His new X3K in 3.5lbs brought the fish safely into the landing net, including a great mirror with over
20 kg. Well done Justus!



This fifty was the last fish of Florian Probst‘s week in Italy! No matter if a carp is big or not, with the all rounders from our range – the X3K in 12ft 3,0lb – every single fish is a pleasure! 

I’ve come to my local lake to have a session and check the water. My first night I ended up with 2 lovely commons only small but very welcome. My second night was the same with lovely commons again. The first carp I got ran me wild and took me around a tree to my left. But the Wolf rods not letting me down again, I managed to get the carp in the net and unharmed.



Consultant Sam Jefferys with a lovely mirror…The Wolf rods doing the business..

Angler, Photographer and fishery owner James West Joins the Wolf Team!
From some of the most demanding continental waters to tricky low stock Uk waters, James has had some impressive fish in recent years, coupled with his renowned work as a photographer, we are delighted to welcome him to the team.
A few days ago Armin Eibl was able to catch this big Mirror Carp from a spot he was preparing during the last weeks. Constant feeding and daily controlling of the spot definitely paid off!



Wolf Ladies Team Member Dominika bags some beauties using the X3K 12ft 3.5lb at distance.


Consultant Mike Jones cannot put a thing wrong at the moment here he is with a stunning dark mirror again the X1K’s being put to good use.

On Monument 2 for the first time. After doing my homework about the peg I’m fishing, I had a hard first day on their prepping and getting everything right to get a bite, I had nothing till 10.30pm when my left rod ripped off resulting with 20lb 5oz mirror, my first fish out of here.

The Wolf rods helped me get the baited hooks out and spodding bait to an area where I had seen the fish jumping out.




To test the new Icon Qi  bite alarms thoroughly, I drove to a canal with shipping traffic. Strong and changing currents are normal here and the rods have to be constantly redesigned. The effort was rewarded with this beautiful canal carp.


We’ve gone and visited a big mine lake in Hungary, that’s a very hard lake with lots of shells and many breaks. The depth we are fishing is 5-6 meter. I’ve gone with my Wolf X rods.  In the 2 weeks I had 4 carp up to 20+, and some smaller, but all carp up to 10+. Next week we going again, I think that will be also super.




Another nice dark common for our Austrian ladies team member Sandra Bauer! This year is going really well for her so far!


Heat, rain, severe weather, the X1K’s and our Austrian team member Sandra hunt in all conditions. And with success, Rods you can rely on.


Well it didn’t take Wolf consultant Mike Jones long to get back amongst the fish on his first session back after lockdown, here he is with this stunning dark common, he used his X1K’s to tame the beast.

Austrian Team Member Flo had a little walk around the lake and spotted this Common under some trees near the bank. He couldn‘t resist to give it a try with a little Pop Up – Our X Series rods in 10ft are perfect for stalking between bushes and trees!

After a night of catching and losing Carp due to weed, I managed to bank another three. On a session doing filming with Milky, I managed to land 3 Carp on the second morning.
I had changed to solid pva bags at 4am and the change paid off for me,
With use of the X3K Series rods getting the solid bags out to a spot next to an island. 
Karl Brandreth



Wolf Team Germany-
“A real beauty and no small fish
that Manuel presents here. And again
it is his X3K that do a
fantastic job and keep him raving.”


Austrian Team Member Armin managed to bag a stunning common which happened to be his new PB! Even the big common was no problem for our X-Series 10ft Rods.


Wolf Ladies Team Member Dominika
bags some beauties using the X3K
12ft 3.5lb at distance.



Surface fishing with the Wolf X Rod
Marcel knows how it works!
With the XSpod and floating pellets, a feeding place is created on the surface.
A floating Spiro brings the bait precisely to the Spod 50m away.
The X Rod in 3.25 lbs brought three carp safely to the net in a short time.
Mega exciting fishing and the X Rod with its parabolic action does a great job!

Nice mirror for our Austrian and ladies team member Sandra Bauer. She caught this fish on her X1K rods, which never let her down – neither when she‘s fishing at long distances nor she‘s fishing at short ranges!



After a day and a night of not a sniff on my rods, I was stood chatting to the guy in the next peg, when my right hand rod burst into life, resulting with this 17lb 2oz old Common.

X3K rods doing it for me again as it was a fighter and run me all over the place. 

Not even an hour later my fight hand rod ripped of ending in another 17lb Common, This was on steroids it was beating me up but the X3K rod didn’t let me down again. 

Karl Brandreth


This 20kgs+ Common was trying to make his way straight to the reeds, but with the X3K 12ft 3,00lb our Austrian team member Florian Probst had no problem with keeping him away from it!


Catch report from friend of Wolf
Ricky Tedstone.

This common was a new UK PB at 43lb.6oz landed using the X3K 13ft model after an epic battle under the rod tip. I Also had 2 more commons of 25lb and 28lb.2oz from a lake full of mirrors from @rhfisheries Monument 1.


Here‘s another ”After-Lockdown-Catch“ from our Austrian team member Armin Eibl!

The X1K’s went hunting again last weekend.

Our Austrian and ladies team member Sandra was able to hold this little beauty in her hands.

X1K rods are the elite range in the Wolf Series constructed of high modulus carbon with a modified fast action to enable extreme range casting.


Our Austrian and ladies team member Sandra attaches big importance to fish safety and knows how to honour every single catch. With her X1K’s she is having the perfect partner at the bank.


With her X-Spod Performance our Austrian and ladies team member Sandra was able to create a perfect feeding place and land this beautiful Mirror Carp. The X-Spod Performance is excellent for getting the maximum amount of bait at range.


Another big Mirror from my new water caught on the X3K’s. It was my second Carp from this big lake and with this my second Carp over 20kg there… 


Long casting against the reeds and near large submerged trees is my fishing philosophy. Now for me only X1K rods exist because they allow me these complex manoeuvres with agility and lightness!
Simple triggers like tiger nut balanced by a pop-up are my favourites, in fact, in these wild environments they can make a difference.
My approach technique was very simple: boilies and method from S-line carp food. Abundant pasture by zone and using METHOD FEEDER SYSTEM I created the right attraction!
As you can see, I was very lucky and I was able to embrace these two beautiful specimens.
My technique is simple … always believe it !!!

Michele Boniotto


Amazing weekend on
a new water…

I startet my first session at a big gravel pit with this stunning Mirror. 


A weekend spent in the company of friends and between jokes, laughter and many catches, she arrived: it couldn’t have ended better than this! This majestic and superb Mirror Carp of over 25 kg… once again of the delicious S-Line boilies launched with X-Spod Performance and Wolf Rods X1K SM have given excellent results!


Here’s a 30 I caught in an afternoon session from my local syndicate, float fishing in the edge using my 10ft X3K 2.75lb’s. 💪😂
Matt Eade 

Finally after a day and a half just netted this lovely mid double common.

It did go straight into the pads which was no problem for the X3K range rods steering it back my way to be netted.

Funny day for Davide Scardino and his son. Caught many Carp including these two large Mirrors. X1K 13ft 3,5lb are always his faithful allies to tame even the most powerful Carp!


Lately our Austrian member Florian Probst was able to catch this hard fighting common! His X-Series rods in 10ft 2,75lb were the perfect choice to play the fish from a boat! 


The X3K’s of our Wolf ladies pack member Nikita [ @nikita_carpgirlz ] were put to the test multiple times during her last session, but as you can see.. a Wolf hunts, strikes and conquers..


Over 20kgs for our Austrian Member Sandra, no problem with her X1K! In the most parts of Austria the fish will start spawning very soon, but a few carp are still searching for some food!

Here‘s one of Armin Eibl‘s latest catches, he catches a lot of fish at the moment. It seems that there will be another few days until spawning time because of the colder weather these days and Armin tries his best to use this chance!

The ultimate testing for your X3K rods? Having a massive 25,5 kg angry Grass Carp on them.. it happened to our She-Wolf team member Nikita Carpgirlz during her latest session. After a good intense reeling session, putting her rod to the maximum, she managed to get this rocket into her landing net.

Emiliano Bani with two recent catches…
the heat has also put into operation large herbivores that have given rise to violent starts and demanding fights.
The management of the fish in the numerous restarts in the sub-river was overcome thanks to the sensitivity of the tip of the WOLF X1K, held firmly on the ground by the Easy Claw, very safe and effective even with lateral starts.
Choose the best, choose WOLF !!!

Today we got a lot of cool photos from Oliver.
In addition to his beloved X3K in 12ft and 3.25lb, he gets powerful support from the whole family!

It goes without saying that he can outsmart these great fish.
Wolf International Germany wishes you all many happy hours on the water and continue to be loot with your rods!

This old, rustic mirror, marked by
many spawning times, lives in a huge, rough lake.
This is exactly the territory in which the X1K hunt…



I like fishing everywhere, from the small lake to the great river. In one of the last sessions, I fished in a small country river with my WOLF X1K RODS. A river very attacked by poachers unfortunately, but nevertheless it gave me a pearl. I did not believe my eyes. After a fun fight I managed to bring her to landing net. I used the ANIMALS of S-line baits, a real power in the river. I will try again, hoping for other beautiful fish.

Nicola Soave


A big Mirror caught on a short overnighter with the great X3K Rods. Hempseed, only a handful of boilies and a small PVA Stick made the job…


This time our teamer Olli was drawn to a park in the city.
It wasn’t long before he had located the fish’s locations. They were beneath trees sticking out into the water. And that’s where he placed his traps.
It wasn’t long before he got the first bite and his little baits had seduced the first carp. Its Ultrablocks did their job and held, bombproof. His Wolf rod didn’t move a bit. Olli quickly put in a pretty mirror.
The work of first of all getting an accurate picture of the water has paid off again.
Searching instead of fishing in troubled waters!


Finally returned to my beloved banks of the river after the lockdown.
Pristine nature, difficult spots, wild and powerful carp … Nothing better to put my Wolf X1K to the test!
How about? Test passed? 
Davide Scardino

Our member Hugo (HR Carpe South-East) with a beautiful colourful Mirror.
Hugo uses Wolf X3K in 12 ft 3,25 lb, whose action gives a lot of fun to the fight.
Just before spawning time Florian Probst was able to catch this Common Carp. The males are very powerful at this time of the year!

Our team member Nikita had her X3K’s in full action with this 22kg hard fighting Mirror Carp! Well in!

Hook & Hold Session with my X3Ks brought me this old and dark Common… 


Eros Ercolin tells us about his last session. Finally we return to live our passions on the banks of lakes or rivers. This time I have chosen a lake that I often frequent where there are wonderful linear and fully scaled. To tackle this lake I relied on the Wolf X3K 12” 3.25lb rods and using the method feeder system combined with the method and liquid food s-line mulberry and crab have allowed me to bring landing wonderful specimens of queen and mirror and to top it off this long awaited fully scaled. we hope to be the first of many for 2020.

Earlier this week our Austrian Team member Armin managed to get on the bank for a couple of hours. He was able to catch three Carp and one of them was this stunning Mirror with it‘s massive head!

I did my bailiff duties around the lakes, got back in my peg and cast to the margins again with the X3K 12′  3.50lb Wolf rods,

Within half an hour my rod ripped of resulting with this 21lb 8oz common, this time it was the bait from Monument, RH fisheries shop that did the trick on a snowman style D-rig.


Another stunning mirror from a local gravel pit caught on my fantastic X3K Rods…


It was the first fish after the lock down using the X3K 12′ 3.50lb rods.

Which fell to squid and octopus snowman on a D-rig, cast to the margins, where I had seen fish rolling.

Sandra from Team Austria spent a lot of time on the bank during the last two weeks. This stunning Mirror Carp is just a small part of the insane series of Carp she catches at the moment! 

Three weeks ago, we were allowed to go fishing again in Austria. Since that day Florian Probst spent almost every day on the bank! 

Sandra sent us some impressions from her current session.

With her X1K’s she has rods from the elite range of the WOLF Series and there is no place for disappointment.

The X1K is the ultimate rod for the demanding angler who want to experience the best.
They boast a smooth action that delivers a perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability. 

German Common 15+kg from my local gravel pit caught on a spot prepared with hempseed and Boilies.

Manuel Michalzik

Our Austrian WOLF-lady Sandra shows her teeth at her last session.
After a long Isolation she was able to hold some beauties in her hands.
She and her X1K‘s are back.




Successful morning for our German customer Nick.

Using our X3K Rods he managed to catch this stunning mirror on a short morning session.





Consultant Sam Jefferys put the Wolf rods to use over the winter on a few inner city London waters….

Last days I managed a short overnighter at my local gravel pit again. With the help of my Distance Sticks my X3K’s & SM Rod we were ready to make an accurate job within a few minutes.
After sunset a few X-Spods brought a mixture of Groundbait, Pellets and Boilies on my spots. After two Bream in the night I was really happy to catch this beautiful mirror in the morning sun…

Manuel Michalzik

Using the Wolf X3K 12ft 3.25lb. rods our girl Sandra Bauer managed to land this beauty.

Consultant Sam Jefferys got the Wolf rods out before the lockdown, fishing a Lincolnshire water he had a mega hit with some stunning fish thrown in…

Little beauty
Team member Manuel started again a short session at his small local river. Some handfuls of hempseed and sweetcorn with only ten boilies on top should be enough for this days.
In this close range situation the smooth action of the X-Serie Rods is perfect to bring fish safely into the net.
Job done with this beautiful mirror, one for the future... 

We visited an Austrian lake for 5 days.
I decided to go with the 3,60 ft 3,5 lbs Wolf X Rods, because there is not possible fishing with baitboat. The distance what I played 90 meter, and I caught many carp from 6 to 10 kg, but I made pictures just from the bigger ones. 
Every morning I woke up on the Delkim sound 💗 That was the time of the bigger ones. First day morning a 16,5 common, second day 18,20 common, third day 14,70 mirror, and the last one a 15,50 common. 
Unfortunately we got a news on Friday evening, that we had to leave the lake on Saturday till 12:00 o’clock because all lakes will be closed in Austria because of Corona.
So in the end it was a very good session we catch maybe 25-30 carp in the 5 days with some bigger boys. 


I had been on my lake for a few hours, did my Bailiff check, got my rods back on the spot and as soon as it started to get dark, my left hand rod rattle into action and then my right hand rod woke up. 

Resulting these two low double mirrors, they were more than welcome in the freezing cold weather.

Karl Brandreth

A fish from the past few days!
Deep fishing in winter?
Our team leader Gonzo has a completely different opinion. He claims to catch 90% of his winter fish in under 1.5m!
Whether sunshine or snow and rain horizontally …
What experiences have you had there?
The carp I caught last weekend…

Sebastian Manecke


Shortly before Austria got under quarantine, Armin Eibl managed to get on the bank for three days – with success! He caught an absolute chunk!

Richard Shenton Bags up at Linear

UK Consultant Richard Shenton bags some beauties on a recent session whilst out filming at Linear Fisheries, The Oxfordshires beauties were caught whilst fishing at 100 yards.

Well done.

My first session on the water this year. Friday evening very late came to the water, then quickly build everything up and prepare the rods before it gets dark they should lie in their place. 

A single boilie should bring me the fish I hoped for. At 11:25 p.m. the redemptive sound was finally heard. Now it was quickly out into the waders in and down to the rods, already at the first crank turns I felt that it was not a small fish. After a felt eternity I saw him in front of me so beautifully he glowed in the moonlight. 

LG Christin Böttiger 

UK Consultant Sam Jefferys, with an epic big water Spanish banger from the demanding lake Orellana…
The Wolf rods being put to test on these massive continental inland seas…..
Instagram- sam.jefferys

Last weekend our German Teamer Manuel went to a small river for a day session. Searching possible “holding areas” and frequently changing the spot in combination with attractive feed was his tactic for the day. Good decision… already the third spot on his river walk bought him first a bream, shortly afterwards this wonderful river Schuppi into his landing net.

Manuel Michalzik

Our Austrian team member Florian Probst caught a perfect linear on his X3K rods. He uses the 12ft model with a 3,00lbs test curve as an absolute allround rod, which he can rely on in every single situation! 

Wolf consultant and carp catching machine Mike Jones braved the cold weather, at the beginning of this week and banked himself a stunning carp, look at the scales on that, Mike used X1K’s 3.5lb test and Mainline Baits crumbed cell and matching smart liquid to bank the beast, Well done Mike.

“A beautiful carp queen from self-managed private waters! The winning weapon is the Ball Maker + Method Feeder System with a very delicate method in contrast with the water temperature. The trigger was found near a tree that fell into the water last summer during a thunderstorm, 12mm dumbelles on a bellows mount. Obviously 12ft Wolf X1K with 3.5lb barrel.”
Angler is Michele Boniotto.

Italian team member Emiliano Bani grappling with his new X1K rods brings home a good satisfaction! Fun guaranteed, absolute performance!

What can we say! Wolf backed Ryan Hoare is back with a bang, he managed to get out for the first time since starting his new business UB Baits, using the X series rods in 3.5lb he had a mega session, he banked 6 fish in a couple of nights, amongst them was two 30s, we’ll done mate.

It couldn’t be too cold for our Austrian girl Sandra.

At her first session of 2020 she was using her new WOLF X1K rods and landed this little beauty in the cold morning.
Sandra Bauer

Spring day in February… 

3 hour short session brought me this beautiful common in a shallow area of a gravel pit. The warm sunbeams made the carp move into this zone. Using small Pop-ups in different colors…the job was done after only 20 minutes… 

The low temperatures don‘t seem to go away over there in Austria, but Florian Probst managed to get out and catch this beautiful carp during a freezing overnighter! He caught this fish on his new X-Series rods in 10ft. and 2,75lbs – absolutely good looking rods with an incredible playability!

We’ll you just can’t keep a good man down, Mike Jones fished his syndicate water this week where he bagged this long lean fighting machine of a Mirror, Mike used the Xk1’s in 3.5lb to tame the beast, Well done Mike.


News in from France
Check out this stunner caught by French team member Hugo.

Rael Dream Lake Bailiff with personal best 82lb Common (Venus) from Dream Lakes France.

Mike Jones has been back on the banks and with some success!! look at this stunning Mirror. Mike used his XK1’s to tame the scaley beast on a recent session.

Louis Lyo braved the cold weather and fished a few nights on his local lake, he manged to bank this corker of a mirror weighing 31lb which could not resist Louis own bait the red cray.


A lovely small common to kick start my session, Single bait tactic and wolf rods doing it for me. Karl Brandreth. February 2020

Well with this mild spell that were having at the moment, a lot of anglers are taking advantage of it and getting the rods out, one angler that did is Wolf angler Louis Lyo, he did a few hours on a Liverpool park lake that’s close to his home, and managed this mid double common. Well done Louis!

Well it didn't take Wolf team Member Karl Brandreth long to bag this chunk of a mirror 2hrs after casting out on a 36hr session, he bagged himself a 33lb 4oz mirror and his still got plenty of time for another well done mate.

News from Austria:

Florian Probst was able to catch a few nice carps during his Christmas trip in Italy. Especially in the cold months, precise feeding is really important and the X3K Spod/Marker Rod in combination with our X-Spod is the perfect tool to guarantee, that the bait is landing exactly where you want!

Karl Brandreth starts the New Year with a bang

Karl Brandreth started the New Year with an excellent result on the first weekend of 2020, he ended up with 3 fish, the largest a 31lb common which is a great result in these cold conditions, all the fish were caught on popped up maggots on a silty spot, he used the XK1 3.5lb to good use over the weekend, Well done Karl.

31lb Common