Croatian adventure - Part 1

In September 2019 I set of on my Croatian adventure. I was going to be fishing two lakes and visiting numerous other lakes on my journey. My first stop of the trip was Zajarki on the outskirts of Zagreb. I got to the lake the day before I was due to start fishing to have a look around. The lake looked fantastic, masses of fish were being caught from most areas of the lake, including numerous big carp. After a night relaxing in the hotel up the road, I headed to the lake to meet my swim partner Christian.

The draw was in the main club house, which saw myself and Christian come out in 7th place, giving us a decent but not ideal location. We were tucked away in swim 17 behind the island, which did include access to the island and some open water. I took the island side and Christian had the open water. We started catching fish from the fist night onwards! I had a triple take on the first evening but it only produced 3 doubles!

The bigger fish seemed to be coming from the open water areas that Christian was fishing. My island spots seemed to be producing double and 20s . But it was good consistent action and certainly kept me busy. The biggest fish of the week for me ended up being 32lb however Christian managed an immense 62lb mirror and I was buzzing for him. Between the pair of us we managed well over 100 carp. It was great week overall with good company, plenty of laughs and some great food.

The following week, my wife Ashleigh was flying out to spend the upcoming week with me at Lake Rakitje. I was going to be fishing this week as well as exploring the area with Ashleigh. We stayed in a lake side cabin which included a sauna and hot tub within our room, so this was a little more luxurious than my bivvy.

During the week we hired push bikes and rode them around the area looking at lakes. On our journey’s we found some fantastic looking  places with lots of big fish… perfect for future trips! Our balcony overlooked the big Rakitje lake which has a very busy fishing competition taking place. It was an amazing sight to see 100s of spods hitting the surface at the same time. We walked around the lake daily and saw some fish being landed, there was nothing huge but it was nice to experience to see a European carp match and see what its all about.

The week was soon over, and I was off to Sumbar. For the first 10 days I was booked in swim 11, after speaking with my friend Dani, who is a local angler, I knew the positions I wasnted to target. I aimed to position my baits slightly to the right of the bar just into the deeper water. I had 3 rods in position by 6pm, with 10kg of boilies on the spot. My first take was at 11pm and it produced a wonderful 45lb mirror. The following night at the same time, I had a 55lb common on the same rod! I was over the moon with these two fish, after catching numerous smaller fish prior which I became accustomed to catching a few weeks earlier.

I was picking off one or two fish a night in swim 11 which was good however not the sort of consistent action you associate with Sumbar. The average size of carp I was catching was great, the weight being around 50lb. With no one else on my side of the lake catching a lot of fish this felt like quite a goof achievement, nevertheless I was eager to do something or make a chance to really ignite my trip!!

Tight Lines

Ryan Hoare