Another product from Wolf International has ticked my box; Wolf’s advanced series the Quick Release Flash System is another great product. If you’re like me and you hate having to screw your buzz bars back on to your sticks every time you set up, then these are exactly what you’ve been looking for!


A simple sleek stainless-steel flash with a design that enables quick connection or disconnection to your buzz bars or bank sticks (generally anything) with just a push and a twist, speeding up the entire setup process. Super convenient in my eyes.

Shopping around
I’ve been looking for this type of quick release system for a while and I know a few firms provide them, but like I’ve said before Wolf International’s quality can’t be forgotten, so I knew these were worth a look. Their reputation for bank ware, rods and bait delivery products are of exceptional quality! Priced at £21.99 each (from multiple stockists), I bagged myself a handful for a few fishing situations that I had in mind.

Having recently received a set of three high quality rods from Wolf, I waited for the delivery with excited anticipation, I knew this product would be the same quality that Wolf International seems to keep providing the industry!


The day came when these arrived, I was on the day job but like anything carp related the buzz was there so once I got home, I immediately opened the parcel. I could see straight away that the finish on the Quick Release Flashes were brilliant, that sleek stainless-steel shine and minimal labelling; they also had some decent weight proving they were made of high-quality material. The packaging had a nice neat modern design too, which came with foam to keep them safe and secure.

Within minutes I decided to try to them out, attaching them onto the sticks and storm poles. The way they work is by attaching the bottom section first, which is the part with the pin holders, allowing you to permanently attach the top section to your brolly bolts or buzz bars. This is what gives you that quick attachment process; with a gentle push and twist you can attach and lock on your Quick Release Flash.

I found attaching these easy and once I found the way I liked them sitting I tightened up the small nut on the bottom section, this enabled me to keep them solid. For me I’d say yes, setting up time is definitely faster and easier.


  • Small neat Wolf logo situated on each bottom section.
  • Stainless steel
  • Small and compact design
  • Adequately priced

So after having used these for a few sessions on multiple attachments and during different fishing situations, I can definitely recommend them. If you’re after a faster setup time (or pack down time) for multiple options, then order yourself a few and get them attached to your different sticks, bars, poles, whatever you have! You can get setup in minutes, whatever different fishing approach you’re taking, and if the fish have moved on, you can also pack down faster to get back on them somewhere else. Like I said quality runs through Wolf International products and I can’t wait for the next item.

Check them out yourself at
Keep up the good work Wolf!

Liam Woolcott


Built on traditional manufacturing techniques, Wolf brings ground-breaking design and technology to the specialist angler. These rods are the result of a collaboration with Mark Tunley. They combine high specification fittings with classy, understated looks.

The refined action gives the perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability. Wolf’s quality, design and attention to detail mean this product will exceed anglers’ expectations. There are three ranges currently available from Wolf: The X Series, X3K Series and X1K Series.

The X Series are our performance range rods designed with smaller waters, lakes and canals in mind. The X Series boast a refined smooth-medium action giving a perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability. Wolf X Series rods are constructed of high modulus 24T carbon, with a smoke matt finish, cross weave banding and black whippings, giving a retro, custom look to a high-spec modern build, matt-black Alps Centra Lock window reel seat, black SiC rings in the advanced pattern and a full Japanese shrink tube handle.

The Extreme models move to a faster action for those lightning quick big distance casts. The SM Spod Marker Rod has a high resistance tip to impart the action quickly down the whole blank loading it smoothly and instantly so it can send bait to the horizon if needed. This high resistance tip transmits information extremely effectively when using feature finding leads to locate that ideal place to set a trap.

Available in length and test curve:
10ft – 2.75lb / 3.00lb /3.25lb
12ft – 2.75lb / 3.00lb / 3.25lb / 3.50lb
12ft – Extreme 4.00lb
13ft – Extreme 3.50lb / 4.50lb
10ft – SM 3.50lb Spod Marker
12ft – SM 4.00lb Spod Marker
13ft – SM 4.50lb Spod Marker

The X3K Series are our all-round range and are specially designed to perform on a wide variety of venues. Real `working’ rods that serve all types of fishing and give a wonderful medium action while playing fish. Wolf X3K Series rods are constructed from a combination of 36T and 40T woven carbon, with an ultra matt finish and black whippings giving classy, understated looks normally associated with a high-end custom build, matt-black Alps Centra Lock window reel seat, black SiC rings in the advanced pattern and a full Japanese shrink tube handle. The rods boast a refined smooth-medium action giving a perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability.

The Extreme models move to a faster action for those lightning quick big distance casts. The SM Spod Marker Rod has a high resistance tip to impart the action quickly down the whole blank loading it smoothly and instantly so it can send bait to the horizon if needed. This high resistance tip transmits information extremely effectively when using feature finding leads to locate that ideal place to set a trap.

Available in length and test curve:
10ft – 2.75lb / 3.00lb /3.25lb
12ft – 2.75lb / 3.00lb / 3.25lb / 3.50lb
12ft – Extreme 4.00lb
13ft – Extreme 3.50lb / 4.50lb
10ft – SM 3.50lb Spod Marker
12ft – SM 4.00lb Spod Marker
13ft – SM 4.50lb Spod Marker


X1K Series rods are the elite range in the Wolf series constructed of high modulus 1K carbon with a modified fast action to enable extreme range casting to over 200 yards. Extra Light and very responsive the X1K Series is the ultimate rod for the demanding angler who want to experience the best. They boast a smooth action that delivers a perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability. A stealth, ultra matt finish and black whippings give classy, understated looks normally associated with a high-end custom build, matt-black, ALPS central lock window reel seat with silver banding detail and black SiC rings in the advanced pattern and a full Japanese shrink tube handle.

The Extreme models move to an even faster action for those lightning quick big distance casts. The SM Spod Marker Rods have a high resistance tip to impart the action quickly down the whole blank loading it smoothly and instantly so it can send bait to the horizon if needed. This high resistance tip transmits information extremely effectively when using feature finding leads to locate that ideal place to set a trap.

Available in length and test curve:
10ft – 2.75lb / 3.00lb /3.25lb
12ft – 3.00lb / 3.25lb / 3.50lb
12ft – Extreme 4.00lb
13ft – Extreme 3.50lb / 4.50lb
10ft – SM 3.50lb Spod Marker
12ft – SM 4.00lb Spod Marker
13ft – SM 4.50lb Spod Marker


The X, X3K and X1K Extreme distance models have a faster action for those lightning quick big distance casts. Distance casting or the ability to fish effectively at long range is a very useful skill to have and we have a selection of the best distance carp fishing rods available. They are specially designed for anglers that demand the impossible from their tackle and still keep the ability to play fish beyond expectation.


The X, X1K and X3K Series SM Spod Marker Rods have a high resistance tip to impart the action quickly down the whole blank loading it smoothly and instantly so it can send a Spod to the horizon if needed. This high resistance tip transmits information extremely effectively when using feature finding leads to locate that ideal place to set a trap. There is a useful 1ft mark on the blank above the reel seat for depth measuring when using a marker float.


Well everyone is looking for the next big edge in fishing, well at Wolf we think we have found it and it comes in the shape of a unique feeder system that’s used in conjunction with a method mix, and the Wolf Advance Ball Maker.

In the feeder kit there are two feeders that break in two halves, one half is filled with lead or steel discs that come in the kit, there are also two felt discs, these are used to soak up your chosen attractor liquid that will give your method some added attraction.

Once you have the lead or steel discs and the felt in the slots of one half, you then clip both halves together, there is a swivel that is clipped into the top of the feeder to attach it to the lead clip or a helicopter system.

The feeder which has small holes all around its body which let the liquid attractors leak out of the body and the groundbait mix very slowly, to get the attractors in the body there is a small hole on the opposite end to the swivel where you can inject the liquid, then you  screw the feeder on to the Ball Maker.

I’ve found that the best groundbait to use is a nice fine fishmeal ground bait, because it is nice and fine it binds nice and tight to form the perfect egg shape, I like to add loads of bits and pieces into my mix to boost the attraction of the mix, if your not to sure about making your own mix there are plenty of bait companies out there that do readymade mixes, all you have to do is add your water or liquid attracters to you get the right mix.       

Once you have your mix to the right consistency you then press the Ball Maker into the prepared method mix and compress to make an aerodynamic egg-shaped method ball over the the feeder. The feeder is then attached to the lead clip, because of the aerodynamic shape and the weight of the feeder it can be used at extreme distances, 120 yards plus, the good thing about using the Wolf method feeder is that you can cast this wherever you want in you swim and know that your bait is presented and fishing.

Tips to make the perfect method mix for the Wolf feeder system:

  • Sieve your mix to get rid of all the large particles this leaves the smaller particles 
  • Don’t make your mix to wet
  • Add your water or liquid attractors slowly
  • Gently whisk until all the attractors are mixed in thoroughly
  • Let the mix stand for half an hour
  • Mix is ready to be used 


THE WOLF X-SERIES RODS - Gary 'Milky' Lowe

Wolf are well known for their rods and the X-Series are our performance range rods in the range, they’re designed with small to medium waters in mind, but then you have the higher test curves which are ideal for bigger waters. The X-Series has a smooth to medium action which gives it the perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability.

The Wolf X rod has been constructed with the use of high modulus carbon, it has a smoke matt finish and a cross weave banding and to accompany that the black whipping gives it a classy and a retro look with a high spec modern build. It also has a black alps reel seat and to finish the rod of it has the high class SIC advanced pattern rings. The Wolf X rods are constructed of high strength 24t carbon, there is also Extreme models they are for the lads that are fishing the big windswept lakes here and abroad these rods are a faster action to help get the big distances that you need, and the power to stop big fish at distance.

I’ve used the X rods for around 9 months now and I can honestly say they’ve improved my fishing at distance and put 40 yards on the cast. I am now casting to places on lakes that I could never get to before, I am using the 13ft 3,5lb test you may think that’s a bit stiff but I can assure you that they get the bait to where I want it with ease but then under the tip it’s nice and soft to prevent hook pulls, these rods are perfect for where I am fishing at the moment, the rods are available in these test curves:   

10ft – 2.75lb, 3.00lb, 3.25lb
10ft – SM 4.00lb Spod Marker
12ft – 2.75lb, 3.00lb, 3.25lb, 3.50lb
12ft – SM 4.00lb Spod Marker
12ft – 4.00lb Extreme
13ft – 3.50lb
13ft – 4.50lb Extreme
13ft – SM 4.50lb Spod Marker


THE X-SPOD - Gary 'Milky' Lowe

The Wolf X-Spod Performance is a unique spod that floats without the aid of any other device, the X-Spod will open in four sections and will deliver all your bait on the spot. There are two X-Spods in the range and this is the larger of the two and is excellent for getting the maximum amount of bait at range. Once the spod is clipped up to the distance required you can accurately maintain an area of free offerings with minimal effort. The main compartment can be loaded in two different ways. Opening it in half, you can then load by scooping up bait and closing the 2 halves together, or you can open one section, and you can load the entire body full. But the X-Spod is the first spod on the market that can take liquid without any leaking out, this is ideal for when floater fishing in windy conditions, you can fill the X-Spod with oil then when you cast it out it will flatten the surface of the water so you can see your hookbait. The X-Spod performance is capable of casts in excess of 160 yards. When you cast the X-Spod you can be guaranteed that the bait is going to go where you want it and not in the margins or on the bank like most others do. What makes your bait land accurately and on the spot is due to the 24 high-powered magnets that secure everything in flight, you can launch the X-Spod from the ground, not like other well-known spods. The X-Spod is the ultimate baiting tool with increased accuracy and convenience. Here are a few facts about the X-Spods.

  • It was developed after three years of research and testing
  • It allows full filling and closure with one hand
  • It has Instant release of bait on contact with water
  • It’s extremely aerodynamic shape allows you to cast to extreme distance
  • It’s stable during flight resulting in increased accuracy
  • It floats
  • It opens in 4 sections to release all the bait on the spot
  • 24 secure magnets
  • It’s indestructible
  • It’s extremely easy to recover
  • The weight of the X-Spod is 2.29oz
  • It holds 4oz of pellet
  • It holds 20 x 20mm boilies
  • It’s available in 3 colours: Orange, White and Black



These Lock-Down Straps are ideal for use when needing to use a heavier weight when large leads are not practical and expensive to lose every time you hook a fish.
The plastic straps, similar to cable ties can be used with large stones or rocks and are more environmentally friendly and can be used on lead clips or running rigs when
dropping rigs from boats.

Place stone or rock in position
for straps to be wrapped.

Pull through first strap
as tight as possible.

Cut off spare, not too close.

Pull through other side the same.


These functional and versatile rod rests are an excellent device for locking the rod in situations where the rod needs to be locked up and secure where the rod cannot move forwards when you get a run ie. close to snags etc. but enables the rod to be picked up easily. Can be used on banksticks, buzz bars and rod pods and can be locked using the locking nut. The Easy Claws have a bunny ear style design which folds apart when the rod is pushed into the grip. Easy Claws and Ultrablocks are designed to ensure total safety and can be used with all sizes of rod butts, cork or duplon. Easy Claws are available in 10 different colours. The Ultrablocks are a more secure device that locks the rod tighter than the Easy Claws for tighter situations. Can be used with the Multi-Angle Lock or Quick Release.


This stainless steel quick release can be used in any fishing situation and is highly stable. Consisting of two parts, the smaller is attached to the buzzer or rod rest and the other larger part is screwed to the bankstick, rod pod or buzz bar, can also be used on storm poles. To release you just need to push down and turn to release. This can be left attached for quick attachment for next time they are used.


This stainless steel Multi-Angle Lock can be used on banksticks, buzz bars or rod pods when a different angle is needed for your rod rest, buzzer or camera. The constant velocity joint can be locked using the ring nut. It is very useful to be able to tilt the rod at any angle on a bankstick, buzz bar or rod pod when fishing with the rods at an acute angle and the buzzer needs to be at the right angle to get a good indication.


Manuel Michalzik – June 2nd 2020 – Article by 12ft

‘Small rivers’, what does that actually mean? What do we mean by ‘small’? When does a stream become a small river, a small river or even a river? – I don’t care as long as I can catch carp there. And that is exactly why I have come to appreciate this form of water increasingly. As a rule, they can be fished relatively easily and successfully. Many carp anglers underestimate the small river (or larger stream) in the neighbourhood, prefer to stack up at the typical ponds and lakes of the clubs or accept the often difficult and difficult way along the large rivers or canals.

Admittedly, the small river is also an option for me if it has to be quick and uncomplicated, if I only want to get away for a few hours or only for a short night or if I want to escape the fishing pressure on other waters. In my opinion, small rivers are actually one of the waters where you can quickly and easily achieve first successes without having to make a huge effort. So perfect for mobile, flexible and entertaining successful carp fishing. Nevertheless, there are of course some basics on the small river that have become particularly important to me.

Find holding areas
It is preached and has been repeated a thousand times. In almost all reports, our heads are beaten: we first have to find the fish or locate them, then we are actually already on the winning road. The idea of ​​looking for jumping or rolling fish and actively fishing for them can be extremely successful and is becoming more and more popular. What works extremely well on most of the standing waters is an absolute exception on the small rivers I know. Jumping fish are non-existent. On sunny days, fish can be discovered very well while patrolling the surface and, in clear water, can also be identified in deeper layers. This works extremely well on some days, but not at all on most other days.

Because they are also found in rivers, the typical holding areas, where you can always outsmart a quick fish and a long stay will always be worthwhile. Whether bulges, backflows, inlets, water lily fields, etc., all irregularities are interesting areas that should be considered more closely. Overhanging rows of bushes and trees have been particularly effective for me, especially when the bank is unshaded for long distances. The small piece of forest on an otherwise wide and open corridor is often a real hotspot, especially during the day. Branches and roots protrude into the water, provide shelter for crabs, mussels and insects, and thus naturally set the table for carp and the like. So here I can always count on fish and focus my day and night fishing exclusively on such areas. After the first successes, the best spots increasingly crystallize and can be searched later.

River walks
Such areas can also be approached very well in succession on a small river, provided that light luggage is available. The fact that we speak of a rather manageable form of water with short casting distances makes mobile and active fishing very successful. For me, it was actually two very short but successful stalking groups that were a key experience. Out of necessity, I drove to three different places in a very short time and was successful three times. On a river that I had previously only smiled at. Of course I’m going to do a much more targeted job today. On my mobile river hikes, I run a few 100 meters upstream immediately before fishing and distribute little but attractive feed at several potential locations. I then start fishing from “above” and run through the individual spots with the current. Depending on the activities and gut feeling, I rarely stay in one place for longer than 40–60 minutes. Can I catch fish, of course longer. In this way, I ideally run towards the fish instead of away from it, because our feed usually works in one direction only and lets the carp migrate against the current.

Use attractive feed
Current is often a great pain for many anglers, it causes lead to roll, feed on the wrong ways or flotsam of any kind in line and assembly. On the small river we usually have no major problems with this and can even make a light to medium current the best ally. We can easily achieve an extreme range of our field of activity with appropriate feed. With the current we can make our attractors accessible to distant fish downstream and hopefully get them moving.

If I start my river hikes upriver as described, I give the food in the lowest places most of the time to lure distant fish. Ideally, we will meet for a short rendezvous at the end of the session in the last place. As a rule, the fish are not picky when it comes to food, and since I have short time slots available, I opted for attractive food. Soft food, pellets, canned corn and just a few boilies are my absolute favourites. In combination with a good liquid and a few hands of oatmeal, I can put an attractive trace in the current. Solid and heavy components remain in place, while liquid, oatmeal and detachable small particles do their job in the flow.

Pimped pellet variants such as Hellfire pellets work particularly well. These are covered by an additional layer of attractors and work much faster than smooth, sealed varieties. I fish only a few hours a day on the go, I rely on maximum attractiveness and I also happily accept white fish. They are always a good indicator, especially in rivers, and bring me action and entertaining fishing. If I stay overnight, I reduce the attractiveness depending on the white fish population and also use larger and harder boilies than hook bait. Anyone who has understood the principle will of course then build up their overnight camp strategically to match the next holding area.

Soft rods, thick lines
In the small river, I invariably used softer, parabolic rods up to a maximum of 3 lbs or lighter. As a rule, the rods are only flipped or pendulated, which is not a problem even with feed or dough on the lead. The distances are short and the escapes are wild. A softer rod is therefore an advantage. Even with hook and hold, I always had better experiences with softer rods. My Wolf X series rods in 3 lbs fit perfectly and are my companion on the small river. Simple modern design and real player rods for close combat. And since I also regularly have to expect smaller carp on my river, I keep a good feeling and fun playing there too.

At the same time, I like to use thicker cords with good stretch and, if possible, do without a chalk line. Why? Protection against abrasion and additional buffers over short distances and when stopping in front of obstacles. And since I often lay down in front of my feet, a chalk line knot ends up somewhere on the reel or just before the rod and represents a predetermined breaking point in close combat, which I would like to do without. What follows at the end of the line is a matter of taste and a question of trust. It is important to have stability and preferably a slightly longer leader. As a rule, there is no lowering and the cord or leader run quite steeply from the lead towards the surface. For me, a long leader just feels better.

On quiet soles
In my eyes this is a matter of course, apparently unknown to many “weekend campers”. When I’m on the river, everything usually happens at my feet – or not when I’m too loud and noticeable. Where is the sun on my river hike? Do I throw my equipment on the ground with a swing and run straight to the water’s edge or do I observe something from a distance? Can I take off and feed my rods from a cover? Do I have to set up my umbrella or lounger directly on the bank or can it also be moved 10 m to the rear? Everything sounds so incredibly logical and old school, but hardly anyone pays attention to it. For example, many things can be done at night without a head lamp. If light is needed, it can’t hurt turn away from the water or work behind the umbrella. When I’m on a river hike, these things are particularly important. With a short time window, you often only have one chance. The preparation of the places should therefore also be done very carefully. On quiet soles my basic number is 5.

Manuel Michalzik

The WOLF Ball Maker

If you’re into using groundbait for carp fishing then you need to take a look at the Ball Maker from Wolf. Most people think that if you use groundbait for carp fishing it will only attract small carp, that couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact you can catch some of the biggest carp in the lake using groundbait. There is loads you can do to enhance your mix its not all about powders, you can put particles and chopped boilies in to make it more attractive to bigger carp.   

The Ball Maker can be used to create a large number of groundbait balls fast and of the same size, there are two sizes of caps to make the groundbait balls, they are 45mm and 60mm diameter and are egg-shaped to make the perfect ball that make the balls even more compact and solid and to cast the distance that is required. There are 4 cups to make the compression as round as possible. The groundbait balls will be of the same size and the same weight for accurate casting and can be used in conjunction with the Wolf Fly Ball. The Ball Maker is very tough and designed to last a lifetime.

Making the perfect big carp mix for the Ball Maker is just like making groundbait with added extras for added attraction. First you will need a tray or bowl big enough to use the Ball Maker. Once you have your bowl add your preferred powdered mix then you can add your flavoured liquids and attractors but make sure you don’t make it too wet as the balls will not stick together and form a hard ball, I’ve found if you just add the liquids slowly until the powder is fluffy and will bind together. Once you have done this its time to add your added extras, my own personal favourite mix is a mix of the munch baits stick mixes as they are already nice and damp so I don’t have to add liquids if I don’t want to, then I add some particle so I have some small bits that will last longer when the small fish attack the groundbait. Then I add chopped up boilies to the mix, the last bit of ingredients I add is some syrup to boost everything.

Once everything is mixed you are ready to make your balls, its really easy all you do is take the Ball Maker and scoop up some mix in the cups and close the Ball Maker tightly, the press down on the ground which puts pressure on the cups and forces the mix to bind together, then release the cups slightly and move the Ball Maker 180 degrees and repeat the process till the balls are hard. Doing it with the Ball Maker you will get all the balls the same size, this will make baiting up accurate and every ball will go on the same spot increasing your chances of catching that pb.  


Wolf Advance Series Method Feeder

Wolf April 2020

The Method feeder system can be a very effective way of catching Carp on any kind of water, large or small and whatever size of Carp. It can be used at any time of year but can be very extra effective in the Winter.

One of the advantages of using the Method is the instant attraction leaking out of the mix, the groundbait itself made of small ground up particles of food and stimulants giving off a signal and gradually breaking down leaving a bed of small particles on the lakebed. With a liquid attractor ie; syrups, stick mix liquids, Smart liquid etc. added to the mix and small particles such as hemp, sweetcorn, small pellets or crushed boilies also added it will add extra attraction to the mix.

There are lots of things you can add to a method mix for attraction like chilli, spices, hemp juice, sardines, oils, salt, oyster sauce, fish sauce, GLM powder, MSG, betaine, garlic and one of the best, tuna in sunflower oil.
(See Method chapter in Frank Warwick’s book ‘Every bit of blue’).

The Method Mix: What you need is a mix that is not too stiff and will not take a long time to break down. You need a mix that will bind and hold together around your Method feeder and will stay together on the cast but will start to break down when on the lakebed, not too wet or too dry.

The Rig: I like to use a short supple braided hooklength 4-6 inches in length with a high visual pop-up or wafter that will stand out over the mix. The rig is pressed into the Method ball prior to cast making it tangle free.

The Wolf Method Lead System combined with the Ball Maker has taken Method fishing to another level. 

When the Method mix has broken down the Method Feeder Lead is still giving off attractor from the liquid inside the lead to keep any feeding Carp in the area.

The Ball Maker can then be used to make consistent size and shape Method balls that can be catapulted or using the Fly Ball when fishing at distance to get some extra attraction around your hookbait area.

Also a slightly sloppier mix of the Method mix could be spodded out using the X-Spod giving a cloud of small bait particles slowly dropping down through the water to the lake bed which can attract any Carp cruising mid-water.

When using the Method it can be a good tactic to cast to showing fish or re-cast quite often to different areas of the swim. Using the Method can be a devastating way of catching Carp and should not be ignored.

Brian Atkins


Total Carp April, 2020

Wolf X1K Series Rods

Total Carp Dec 13, 2019

With three ranges of carp rods on the market, how long before you join the Wolf Pack? Wolf is the brain child of Richard Fox, son of the renowned Clifford Fox (founder of Fox International) and was created with a single target in mind, creating innovative, beautifully designed and iconic products.

With that said, we were very excited when it came to reviewing the carp rods on offer, and here’s what we have to say!

Three ranges are available, the X series, the X3K series and the X1K, which share a distinct custom look that has become synonymous with Wolf.

The different ranges offer different levels of blank design and price points, providing quality rods for all discerning anglers, including long range hunters, margin masters and everything in between.

So what are the key differences between each range? The Wolf X rods are first up, featuring a high modulus 24-tonne carbon construction with a smoke matt finish and cross weave banding.

This blank provides the angler with a smooth, medium action which is probably best described as a superior all round rod for the rigours of today’s modern carp fishing.

That is not to say you won’t be able to beast a lead with the X series, as such options include a 13ft 3.5lb test curve variety which will indeed appeal to the casters among you.

Next up in the range is the stepped up X3K series, which utilises a 36-40Tonne carbon with a 3K to 1K woven carbon blank used on the butt and tip respectively.

The 3K weave provides additional backbone and strength to the blank, while the 1k weave results in a much lighter tip, making the rod more responsive and enjoyable when playing carp. The result is a superbly balanced blank that is user friendly and can cope with bigger casts and higher amounts of abuse due to the build quality and design.

Finally the Wolf X1K rods are the flagship rods, constructed from ultra-high modulus 40-46Tonne carbon with a modified fast action to enable extreme range casting.

The ultra-matt 1K weave throughout is a generally much rarer blank construction and the result is a lighter extremely highly tuned blank built for extreme casting but without hindering fish playability. It’s also safe to say it looks stunning.

Without doubt the action and performance of a carp rod is key to its success and its popularity; however, with that said, we all do like gear that looks the part, and it is fair to say that a beautiful custom looking finish is available in this range.

The matt blanks are contrasted with gloss black whippings used to fit the Black SiC rings in the advanced pattern – this is the use of single leg guides on the tip for added lightness and responsiveness.

Finally, to complete Wolf’s custom look, the emblematic WOLF Matt-black Alps Central Lock Window reel seat has been used which is simply beautiful!

Note that the X1K feature additional silver banding on the reel seat too. This is combined with a Japanese shrink tube handle and laser engraved butt cap for a modern feel.

Each of the ranges are available in rods from 10ft right through to 13ft and a whole host of test curves, with the longer rods and higher test-curve models featuring the 50mm advanced ring pattern.


10FT 2.75lb, 3.00lb & 3.25lb (40mm butt ring)

12FT 2.75lb (40mm butt ring) 3.00lb, 3.25lb & 3.50lb (50mm butt ring)

13FT 3.5lb (50mm butt ring)

RRP: £Various